Advanced Introduction for Vets from all other hospital


In medical service industry, Time is the most critical factor. To save time, Unicore team will discuss with original vets about the conditions of all referral patients, including service category and scale confirmation. These confirmation is also very convenient for original vets to discuss the possibility of referral with their patients.


 In Unicore hospital, we have diagnostic team responsible for imaging and diagnosis and anesthesia team responsible for anesthetization and biological sign monitoring during the whole process. Tumor team will join for the tissue sampling if needed.


Unicore hospital equips with Mindray iMEC8 Vet, WATO EX-20 Vet, Datex-Ohmeda Aestiva/5 MRI with Isoflurane / Sevoflurane for anesthesia and monitoring purposes.
We also provide TIVA intravenous injection for special cases.


 In Unicore hospital, safety is the first priority. Before put down a patient, Anesthesia team will perform evaluation including physical examination, neurological examination if necessary, blood tests (Idexx CBC + Chem 10), and Chest X ray (3 views plus necessary exams depending on chest conditions.)
To avoid double exam, Unicore hospital accepts blood test reports taken in any other place within 3 days from the examination day. However, we still need to do blood tests on site if patients are diagnosed with progressive and degrading conditions.
As for chest X ray, Unicore hospital accepts reports taken in other any other place within one week. However, patients could be asked to do the chest X ray if our diagnostic team find previous reports irrelevant to the symptoms or necessary clinical conditions.


Lead by Doctor Cheng-Shu Chung, All vets in Unicore hospital are qualified Medical center Inern-R3 level. Vets in diagnostic team are all capable of performing anesthetization alone without help. Experienced anesthesia vets are responsible for cases above ASA3, which are ASA 4-5, while other vets are responsible for cases equal and below ASA3.


 Before anesthesia process, our vets will perform patents’ evaluation and explain finding to parents. When encountering patents with high level anesthesia risks, our anesthesia vet will discuss with the vet in the original hospital and then report to parents. After parents sign consent letter, all processes will be initiated. If unexpected lesions are found during the process, our diagnostic vet will sync up details with the vet from original hospital and adjust the process at once.


 After the processes, our vets will start diagnosing images (CT or MRI). If tumors are found and parents agree to do tissue sampling, Our Tumor team will take tissue sample and perform tissue sampling and cytology examination. However, not every tissue sampling is able to conduct a report. As a result, if there is no report, there is no report fee.

In the meanwhile, our vets is doing diagnosis and confirmed by our diagnostic leader no later than 19:00 the same day. Our diagnostic team will only share these preliminary results with vets from the original hospital for medical reason such as surgery guild later the same day. Unicore hospital will email the formal reports to parents and vets from the original hospital for following treatment usage.



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