Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Do my babies need to do blood test and X ray when he/she already did those in
the local hospital?

Unicore hospital takes results from other hospitals taking in the past three days when your babies do not have clinical condition and physical examination is positive.
The blood test must have complete index such as CBC / QBC and liver, kidney, blood sugar, protein.

On the other hand, if you do not have all blood test mentioned above and / or the condition of your babies is diagnosed as “progressive disease”, we will have to take full set X-ray / blood test again in Unicore hospital. Unlike human condition, the condition of our lovely ones changes far more quickly. For the sake of their safety, it is very important to know their conditions for sure at this very moment.

On other thing is to tell our vets if your lovely ones have metal implants such as tracking chips, because MRI chamber itself is a massive magnetic field and this field will damage tracking chips and hurt your babies as well.

Q2: What is no eating / no drink policy?

A2: In case of emergency, your lovely ones, if aging less / more than six months, need to stop eat or drink 6 / 12 hours before the anesthesia. 2. If you do not follow the no eating / no drinking policy, your babies could be suffering esophageal burns and/or aspirated pneumonia.


Q3: Is the no eating / no drink including medicine for chronic?

A3: This is a case by case situation. Please discuss with our vets. In general, if your babies take those supplement or medicine over a month, please take them as usual.


Q4: Can I take my babies to take diagnostic imaging when they are not in a good shape?

A4: According to American Society of Anesthesiology Classification, level ASA III means babies with severe systemic disease; definite functional impairment, such as DM and angina with relatively stable disease, but requiring therapy.
Only babies have conditions under ASAIII can take diagnostic imaging.


Q5: what is the difference between CT and MRI?

A5: CT is like combination of a series of X-ray and act like a X-ray.
Shooting duration (excluding anesthesia): 15~30 minutes
Shooting range: head, chest, abdominal cavity, bones, spine.

MRI detects the change in the direction of the rotational axis of protons found
in the water that makes up living tissues.
Shooting duration (excluding anesthesia): a body part needs 50+ minutes
Shooting range: brain, spine (might need to separate to 2~3 times and affect the
duration as well)

Notes: Vets will discuss with parents about where to shoot. In some case, CT may
have to combine with MRI.


Q6: What is a developer? Is it necessary to use a developer?

A6: a developer, injected into vein and absorbed by the patient’s tissues, can lighten some tissues such as blood vessel, tumor, and organs. When the tissue is lighter, it is easier for vets to diagnose. However, in some rare case, patient might have allergy reactions caused by the developer.

In most CT cases, a developer is recommended except bones only or patient with kidney problems.

In MRI cases, a different developer is used and 50% chance of using developer.


Q7: what is three phase Tc-99m MDP?

A7: Tc-99m MDP is an advance developer. By using the time difference that the developer need to circulate to difference tissues, three phase imaging can tell the differences among artery image, portal image, and delayed vein image.

Q8: Besides target area, could you please take the images for other body parts?

A8: First of all, take more images, take more anesthesia duration and thus increase the anesthesia risk. In addition, to have best quality of diagnostic image, different target area needs different machine setting and different patient shooting poses. As a result, we do not recommend our customer take the images of other unnecessary body parts.


Q9: How long does it take for a CT / MRI images?

A9: CT duration is 1.5~2 hours including shoot duration, anesthesia preparation, and babies wake up time. On top of that, evaluation before anesthesia might speed additional 1 hour. Because patients can not company your babies into the operation area, we highly recommend you can return home and wait patiently. Unicore hospital will contact you the moment we finish the whole procedure.

Q10: Why do you need to take tissue samples? What does this for?

A10: Unicore hospital only takes tissue samples under the consent of our customers and the original local hospitals. The samples is for the original local hospitals to do advance treatment. In Unicore hospital, we can help you preserve these sample with fumalin or make a smear for you. However we do not have diagnostic service and we do not recommend to do high risk tissue sample, such as liver, spleen or internal organ surrounding with blood vessel.

Cerebrospinal fluid is a special kind of tissue sample. With the consent of parents, we will drill a hole on the back of the head and take a little cerebrospinal fluid and make a smear. However, considering the surgical risk, we do not provide these service when your babies have high brain pressure.

Q11 Do I get the result at the same day when the image is done?

A11:Parents will have the CD of the image and vets will explain the preliminary situation to you and your local vet before you leave. Full diagnostic report will send to you three days after the shooting day via digital files.

Q12: Tips for your babies after they wake up.

A12: (1) Please give your babies a little water 1 hour after they wake up. If they do not choke or anything, you can start to feed a little food.
(2)If your babies experience situation such as trachea allergy or other kinds of allergy, our vet will tell you and your original vets hospital
(3)If your babies have any abnormal behavior returning home, we highly recommend you take them to your local vets hospital.



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