Exam Preparation

To do list before registry
Unlike human beings, our love ones can not hold still over 30 minutes. To ensure the best imaging quality, parents needs to know that a general anesthesia is necessary.
For the safety of our lovely ones, please pay attention to the following instructions:

The day before check-in
Parents can help recording some basic information such as drinking, change of appetite, the condition of pee and poo, the condition of breathing, odor of ears.

If you usually feed your babies health-care supplement and/or medicines, please contact Unicore hospital and our reception even vets will tell you what to do about these supplement and/or medicines.

In case of emergency, your lovely ones need to stop eat or drink 12 hours before the anesthesia. If you have any question please feel free to discuss your case with our reception or vets.

Check-in day
The first step, of course, is to show up on time and do the registry routine.

After registry, parents are welcome to stay but normally the procedure takes 2.5~4 hours to complete. Because patients can not company your babies into the operation area, we highly recommend patients can return home and wait patiently. Unicore hospital will contact you the moment we finish the whole procedure.

The last but the least is that parents need to know that anesthesia has potential risk in the following:

1. In the process of anesthesia, your babies will experience “body temperature loss” and that is why we have so many biological monitor to keep them in control.
2. If you do not follow the no eating / no drinking policy, your babies could be suffering esophageal burns and/or aspirated pneumonia.
3. Allergy caused by anesthesia
4. Unknown emergency.


After examination

 After examinations, parents will get image results in CD format. In the meantime, your image vet is analyzing those results and will sync up with your vets in your original hospital later in the same day. You are advised to discuss follow up treatment with your original vets the day after the examinations.

(1) Please give your babies a little water 1 hour after they wake up. If they do not choke or anything, you can start to feed a little food.
(2) If your babies experience situation such as trachea allergy or other kinds of allergy, our vet will tell you and your original vets hospital
(3) If your babies have any abnormal behavior returning home, we highly recommend you take them to your local vets hospital.

A full diagnose report will send to you via digital format 3 days after the examinations, excluding the off days of Unicore hospital.





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