Anesthesia Monitoring

4M1E Anesthesia Monitoring
For the purpose of getting image with best quality, our patients need to be anesthetized before the imaging processes begin.Anesthetization has its risk in human beings as well as in animals. To ensure the safety of your lovely ones during the procedure, Unicore hospital highly focus on 4M1E, which are Man, Method, Material, Machine, Environments.


Man -- Team work
Unicore hospital, at all time, has two vets specialize in diagnostic imaging and two vets specialize in anesthesia and clinical care. On top of that, we even have two experienced assistants responsible for animal caring and customer services from the first sec your step in our venue.




Method –Anesthesia monitoring at Medical Center Level
In Unicore hospital, safety is the first priority. Our anesthesia specialists not only use human level equipment and inhalation anesthesia, but also record every single biological data and medicine doses. All that just to ensure that the surgical risks are at their lowest possible levels at all times.




Material – Customized Balanced Anesthesia
Traditional intravenous anesthetic has cost advantage, but it is hard for vets to evaluate coma scale. Inhalation anesthetic alone might have some disadvantage without biological evaluation. In Unicore hospital, we proudly introduce this new concept called “Balanced Anesthetization”. After evaluating the physical condition of your lovely baby, our anesthesia specialists combine intravenous anesthetic, Inhalation anesthetic and other medicine, such as Isoflurane or Sevoflurane to keep the surgical risks at patients' lowest possible level. Again, the safety of your love ones is our first priority.




Machine –Collect and Monitor the vital signs during the procedure
In Unicore hospital, we have three Mindray WATO E20 (one of them is preserved for 1.5 MRI), and four MagLife Serenity MRI Patient Monitor (one of them is preserved for 1.5 MRI) located at CT chamber, MRI chamber and anesthesia chamber separately. We also have wake up chamber equipped with vital sign monitors , surveillance cameras and one anesthesia specialist await to welcome your babies’ coming back. Before the surgical procedure, we will use a full set of American IDEXX blood testing machine, advance digital x ray machine (DR) and sound wave machine to gain the vital signs of your lovely ones. There is no way we will put your lovely ones to sleep until we know all about them.




Environments – Venue without sense of oppression
Bright, spacious lobby and assistant with smiling face will make you feel like home. We try to make a Venue in which you will not feel any sense of oppression. On top of that, in the operation area, each chamber has its assigned purpose, such as CT chamber, MRI chamber, anesthesia chamber and wake-up chamber. With this unique design along with our professional team, Unicore hospital is able to deal with emergency situations to a certain level.


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